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Our Blogs discuss the trending topics in statistics that students are taught in their university. We hope the blogs would unveil you some of the most in-depth concepts.

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ANOVA analysis

Whether it’s the repeated measures ANOVA or one-way ANOVA, our skilled writers will provide you with the assignment solutions.

Hypothesis testing

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The T-test is a statistical test conducted on categorical data to test for the equality of means in the two categories. Pretty straightforward, but in some cases, it could be challenging.

Regression analysis

Mostly, regression analysis is used to identify the relationship between the independent and dependent variables. After the best fitting equation has been obtained, it’s used for prediction. The world of or regression analysis is wide. In its simplest form, we have linear regression, while in advanced cases, we have Bayesian regression and lasso regression.  Our online statistics tutors are well versed in with all the types of regression methods

Regression and Correlation using Excel

If you know the linear regression models, it’s essential to understand how to fit the models using a statistics software such as excel. Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet and is common amongst financiers. The solutions provided here will help you perform linear regression on a dataset. It comes with its dataset. Here you are not restricted to the type of depended and independent variable that you use. You are supposed to use your general knowledge. Again, one of the assumptions of linear regain is the normality of the datasets. You have to check for normality using plots. The question also includes a section on correlation. In both the two parts (regression and correlation), you have to interpret the results. Everything is done in Excel, including the interpretation and conclusion that you provide.
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Panel Data Analysis using STATA

Panel Data Analysis is important in econometrics. We have prepared a soltuion on questions on the topic to help students understand the topic. The ideal software for panel data analysis is always STATA. Data for this assignment is obtained from the general social survey. You have to find the dataset to meet certain criteria and then follow the instruction in the panel data analysis survey. Additionally, there is another question in the assignment where you still have to find the survey data stand then identify a count outcome variable; estimate Poisson, negative binomial regression, zero-inflated Poisson, and zero-inflated NBR models; choose the most appropriate model; interpret the impact of predictors, and use graphs and tables to summarize the relationships.
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Inferential and Descriptive Statistics

This is a solution from online exam on the basics of statistics. We have tried as much as we can to make it look like the standard statistics exam that students have online. You can use this as a mock exam to help you deal with any exam apprehensions that you might have. It’s common to be nervous about an exam. But mock exams have been known to help students deal with the exam tensions because they are already exposed to the exam. You will need to know how SPSS table form tests such as linear regressions and t-test look like in this sample. To handle these questions, you must have a good understanding of inferential statistics and descriptive statistic as most of the concepts revolve around the two topics
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ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis Test, and f-Test, Probability Theory

With any learning, you have to practice what you are taught in class. It would help if you had exercises to help boost your chances of scoring a good grade when it comes to the exam. We know the importance of doing exercises to students. That is why we have prepared the solutions for questions where the student has choose the correct answer for the assignment. It aims to test how you can remember the basic concepts learned in class. Expect to find the basic question on the statistical test topics such as ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis test, and f-test, probability theory, measures of central tendency, and the measures of dispersion. It would be best if you go through the question first before looking at the answer sheets.
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Correlation and Regression using SPSS

Can you fit a linear regression to a sample dataset? Sounds easy but it’s not. In most assignments that we have provided assignment help with, they required a student to have a good interpretation of the linear regression table produces by the software used in the assignment. They had to identify the slope and the intercept then interpret it. Apart from this, they had to have a good understanding of the whole concepts involved in linear regression table. We have prepared a solution ideal for such scenarios. This solutions responds to the questions that that we have stated above. In addition, the students’ needs to find correlation and interpret the results of correlation. You will only be using two variables to answer these questions. The model that you fit is a simple linear regression and you will use SPSS.
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Time Series Analysis in R

Time series can be very complicated, especially if most of the work taught in class is theoretical. We have prepared a solution that entails using a real-world dataset and fitting an appropriate time series model that can be used for prediction purposes. You have to employ a different time series concept in your analysis. In the end, a report is needed. You will be using R for the programming task, and you have to provide the code once you are done with the task. The main concepts you gain from the solutions are the different methods used to test for stationary, differencing, and fitting MA, AR, or ARIMA model to the data set.
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Quantitative research methods

This is a solution that has been prepared to help a student understand the basics of quantitative research. The question is general knowledge and seeks to test if you have fully grasped the topic. Expect to find problems that want to evaluate your interpretation of the regression table result coefficient, such as the R-squared. Other things included are the basic knowledge on the Mann-Whitney test, logistic regression, and one-way repeated ANOVA and multiple regression. The questions does not need you to calculate or use statistical software anywhere. It’s theoretical but of great importance in studying the core concept of quantitative research methods.
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Logistic Regression in SAS

Here is a solution on fitting a logistic regression to a dataset. Most of the statistics assignments involve fitting a model to a sample dataset. Apart from linear regression models, you will fit a logistic regression model to the dataset. You are provided with a dataset in CSV file for this purpose. Upon fitting the logistic regression, you will have to interpret it—the significant level for this task it 0.05. The problem gives a distinct set of variables that shall be used for the analysis. After fitting the model, you have to evaluate if the logistic model is the ideal model for making predictions for the dataset.
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