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  • Struggling with your hypothesis testing questions? Send us a “Do my statistics assignment” request
  • I want to pay someone to do my statistics assignment based on Bayesian theory
  • Choose us when you have decided, “I want to hire someone to do my statistics assignment related to regression analysis.”

Struggling with your hypothesis testing questions? Send us a “Do my statistics assignment” request

Hypothesis testing involves making an educated guess about a phenomenon. The event being studied should be testable either by observation or experiment. Examples of experiments that can be studied through hypothesis testing include:

  • A new treatment for cancer
  • A method of teaching that might be better
  • A standardized technique of administering tests

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A hypothesis statement

Before you can propose a hypothesis, you must first write a statement. Most hypothesis statements take this format: If you do this (independent variable), then this will happen. For example, if you offer extra tutoring to students who are not doing well in statistics, then their knowledge of the subject will improve. The qualities of a good hypothesis statement are:

  1. Must have an if and then
  2. Should have both the dependent and independent variables
  3. The statement should be based on a previous experiment conducted either by you or someone else
  4. Should be testable by experiment
  5. All hypothesis statements should have design criteria

Why hypothesis testing?

Hypothesis testing provides a way for researchers to test if the results of an experiment are meaningful. In other words, we use this test to verify if our results are valid or happened by chance. Results that happened by chance are not repeatable. Meaning, they are of little or no use.

Hypothesis testing is one of the most complicated topics that students have to deal with. Even before you can perform the test, you have to know your null hypothesis. This can be extremely difficult to decipher, but with us in your corner, you don’t have to worry about a thing. The process of conducting hypothesis testing involves the following steps:

  1. Knowing your null hypothesis
  2. Stating the null hypothesis
  3. Choosing the test that you want to perform
  4. Accepting or rejecting the null hypothesis

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I want to pay someone to do my statistics assignment based on Bayesian theory

Bayesian theory is used to figure out conditional probability. This type of probability is tied to another event happening. Conditional probability is the chance of an event happening given that another event has occurred. For example, your chance of getting a parking space depends on the time and where you park.

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What is the formula for Bayes’ Theorem?

The Bayes’ theorem can be expressed using this formula:

P(A/B) = P(B/A)P(A)/P(B)

In this formula:

  • P(A/B) refers to the probability of an event (A) happening given that another event (B) has already occurred
  • P(B/A) is the probability of an event (B) occurring given that even (A) has already occurred
  • P(B) is the probability of event B
  • P(A) is the probability of event A

Please note that both of the events, A and B, are independent. Meaning, the probability of the outcome of A is not tied to the probability of the outcome of B. In a case where even A has a binary value, we implement a special Bayes theorem formula.

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Is your regression analysis giving you a hard time? Are you flustered by the thought, “where can I hire someone to do my statistics assignment?” You should not feel bad if you are having trouble grasping the concepts of regression analysis. With the backing of our statistics professionals, you will never have to stress about your grades and deadlines.

Regression analysis is a statistical technique used to find patterns in data. For example, you can use this type of analysis to find a connection between the types of food that you eat and your weight gain. Regression analysis not only encompasses elementary techniques such as scatter plots and linear regression but also advanced techniques such as multiple regression.

Regression can be defined as the best guess if you are making a prediction from a set of data. There are myriads of tools like SPSS and Excel that can be used to perform regression analysis. Do not think twice about seeking our help if you are stuck with your assignment.

Linear Regression

Linear regression is advanced correlation analysis. You can use it to predict the value of a variable based on the value of another variable:

  • Outcome variable: This is the dependent variable that you want to predict
  • Predictor variable: The independent variable that you want to use to predict the outcome variable

What are the assumptions of linear regression?

  1. The two variables discussed above should be measured at the continuous level
  2. The dependent and independent variables must have a linear relationship
  3. The experiment should have no significant outliers
  4. The observations should be independent
  5. Your data should show homoscedasticity
  6. The errors of the regression should be normally distributed

Multiple regression

Do you want to analyze the statistically significant relationship between sets of data? Multiple regression is the technique that you should use. This method is almost similar to linear regression. The only difference lies in the number of predictors. In multiple regression, each independent variable is analyzed using multiple variables.

Overfitting in regression

Overfitting happens when the model is too complicated for the data. This might happen when the sample size used is too small. The regression coefficients, p-values, and R-squared values will be misleading if you ask too much from a data sample that is too small. You can avoid overfitting through:

  • Cross-validation
  • Automated methods
  • Resampling and shrinkage

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Advanced probability theoryANOVABlack Scholes theory
Confidence intervalsDecision treeChi-square test
Distribution theoryMarkov processesCluster analysis
Linear discriminant analysisMonte Carlo simulationApplied statistics

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