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How SPSS Can be Used to Handle Multiple Linear Regression Assignment

How SPSS can be used to handle multiple linear regression Assignment

Linear regression is a technique for evaluating the interrelation between more than one linearly related variable. During the analysis, one variable is explained by using the information of the other variable. The relationship, if it exists, is described using a mathematical function known as the regression model. All regression models are linear for linear regression. The predicted variable is known as the outcome variable or dependent variable, while the predicting variable is known as the independent or predictable variable.

For linear models, the response variable is continuous and is assumed to follow a normal distribution. The difference in predictor variables is used to classify the linear models described below.

  1. Simple linear regression-Has one continuous vertical variable and one continuous predictor variable.
  2. Multiple linear regression- Has a single continuous response variable but more than one predictor variable that is all continuous.
  3. Multiple linear regression with indicator variables- It has a single continuous outcome variable but more than one predictor variable that contains both continuous and categorical data.
  4. One-way ANOVA- Has a single continuous outcome variable and one categorical predictor variable.
  5. Two-way ANOVA- Has a single continuous outcome variable and two categories called predictor variables.
  6. One-way ANCOVA- Has a single continuous outcome variable and two predictor variables ( One categorical variable and one continuous variable)

Multiple Linear Regression

Multiple linear regression is efficient in simultaneously evaluating the relations between a single outcome variable and several predictor variables. Assuming we are analyzing the effect of an advertisement, price, and availability of raw materials on the sales of a product, we can use the equationSales= β_0+β_1 Advertisement+ β_2 Price+β_3 Raw materials+Error where β_i are the coefficients of the predictor variables and the intercept.

How Do You Space SPSS to Analyze Multiple Linear Regression

multiple linear regression

A step-by-step analysis of multiple linear regression assignment in SPSS involves checking descriptive statistics to ensure that the independent variable is continuous and that there is enough sample size where the sample size should not be less than 15.

Visual analysis may be used alongside numerical analysis. Histograms are drawn to show the frequency distribution. A scatter plot gives the relationship between independent and dependent variables. The dialogue used to produce the descriptive variable is analyzed Descriptively. The graphs are drawn from the chat builder in the graph function.

After conducting the data check, we run the regression using the commandAnalyze Regression Linear. A similar command is also used for simple linear regression. A dialog box will appear. In the dialog box:

  1. specify the dependent variable.
  2. Specify the independent variables.
  3. Click on statistics to select any of the following
  • Estimates.
  • Confidence interval for β_i coefficients (specify, else 95% is the default)
  • Covariance matrix.
  • Model fit.
  • R-Squared change.
  • Descriptive.
  • Part and partial regression.
  • Collinearity diagnostics.
How do you spaces to analysis multiple linear regression

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