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Online Econometrics Assignment Helper
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Online Econometrics Assignment Helper

London, UK

Tommy K

Master’s Degree in Economics, University of Manchester, London


Online Econometrics Assignment Helper


I work for the as an econometrics assignment helper, something that I have done for over 13 years now. Even before I joined this company, I knew all along that I wanted to work with students and offer assignment assistance so that they can achieve academic excellence. Getting hired by this company was a dream come true because not only have I enhanced my knowledge of econometrics but also viewed the world from a different perspective from interacting and working with scholars from various cultural backgrounds. Among the topics in which students have come to me for help include maximum likelihood estimation, panel data, GMM estimators, ARCH and GARCH models, limited dependent variables, and time series. If your assignment is issued from any of these topics and you need someone to do it on your behalf, do not hesitate to contact me.

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