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Professional Biostatistics Assignment Helper
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Professional Biostatistics Assignment Helper

Ohio, USA

Nick J

Ph.D. in Statistics, Schiller International University, USA 


Professional Biostatistics Assignment Helper


I am a versatile biostatistics assignment helper with close to 14 years of academic writing experience. My background as a tutor at a local university has given me the skills and unique perspective to prepare and examine different types of academic papers, which will benefit you as a client. I pride myself on delivering quality work irrespective of the topic from which the task is issued. To achieve this, I have acquainted myself with the various topics covered in biostatistics including graphical data summary, descriptive statistics, regression, correlation, statistical comparison groups, and sampling, to name a few. My knowledge in these topics coupled with my extensive experience in academia has enabled me to write and edit over 2150 term papers, dissertations, theses, and coursework assignments on biostatistics. As a former lecturer, I know how important it is for a student to submit a high-quality paper and I am not afraid to go the extra mile to produce valuable deliverables. Looking forward to reading from you!

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